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Drofika announces integration with PlanGrid

Monday 9th October 2017

Today, the team at Drofika is pleased to announce that we have partnered with PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software. Available today, Drofika users can upload imagery and analysis from the Drofika platform to PlanGrid for easy access and use in the field.

Drofika’s smart aerial data platform allows users from industries such as construction, agriculture, and oil and gas to see daily updates from their uploaded aerial images and turn them into 2D and 3D models. Users can perform analytics on these cloud-stored images and models to get more real-time information than traditional surveying methods. This saves time, money, and labor––while yielding accurate and concise information on their work sites.

Users can now take those images and turn them into actionable data that allows every builder to become a decision maker in the field. By uploading the images as documents in PlanGrid, users can easily view them on the jobsite, link them to specific locations in drawings, and reference them to support RFIs. Contractors, owners, designers, and architects collaborate easily from their mobile devices and desktop using PlanGrid, and we are proud that starting today, users will now be able to add rich drone imagery from Drofika to further enhance collaboration.

“By combining forces, innovative companies such as Drofika and PlanGrid are making it possible for construction firms to monitor, analyze, and manage jobsites in ways that were never possible before,” said James Cook, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at PlanGrid. “This helps our customers optimize business performance, saving time and money.”

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By Nick C (Drofika)