Drofika | Helping companies get more accurate information.

We understand that in industries such as Construction, Agriculture and Oil & Gas - getting accurate, cost-effective and easily accessabile aerial data can be difficult

The traditional way is to hire a helicopter and send workers to take images and then report these images to their team to try and extract what data they can from them:

• This is expensive
• Inaccurate
• Time consuming
• Potentially dangerous


Using your drone, we give you eyes on your site - from anywhere in the world.

1) Take images

Go to your site, take around 50-100 geotagged images (usually with a drone).

2) Upload images

Upload your images to your Drofika portal.

3) Knowledge

We'll process these images into 2D and 3D models from which you can perform analytics and calculations upon.


You can view your 2D and 3D models on any device, anywhere in the world - great for remotely checking up on progress.

Easy to Use

The process is simple, tried and tested in an array of industries to ensure that everyone who needs this information, can easily get it.


You have the ability to share these maps and models.

Official Integrations