Drofika | Helping drone pilots give better quality results to their clients.

We understand that clients can sometimes be hard to please. As drone pilots, we've created a $1 package that lets you turn your aerial images into 2D and 3D models and have these available to view on your dedicated portal from any device, anywhere in the world.

• Your Aerial Images turned into 2D & 3D models
• Dedicated Dashboard
• Impress your Clients
• Analyze images better, with accurate 2D and 3D models

• Alongside analytics, including calculating area + distance on any 2D model

$1 Sign Up

Using your drone, we give you eyes on your project - from anywhere in the world.

1) Take images

Upload any project you have, around 50-100 geotagged images.

2) Upload images

Upload your images to your Drofika portal.

3) Knowledge

We'll process these images into 2D and 3D models from which you can perform analytics and calculations upon.


You can view your 2D and 3D models on any device, anywhere in the world - great for remotely showing clients your footage.

Easy to Use

The process is simple, tried and tested with an array of drone pilots.


You have the ability to share these maps and models.



Drofika is built by drone pilots for drone pilots. Our aim is to give you better 2D/3D models from your drone images


Models & Analytics

With Drofika, you'll be able to utilise your drone images more effectively by turning them into 2D and 3D models


1m+ of International acres mapped by pilots

Our users have done alot of mapping, accross the world!


Success Stories

As you know, Drofika was built by drone pilots, our success comes from us listening to our peers and creating a platform that helps!


SME construction sites,
oil rigs and farms (agriculture)

2DMap+3D Model Processing

2D resolution 15cm/pixel

All Analytics

Web sharing /
share your maps

(share to PlanGrid)

Day by day view/comparison

150 geo-tagged image upload
max per map

Unlimited storage

Support Email+Phone

Processing priority +++

Custom Enterprise Plan

For custom requests & large scale operations contact us to disucss your requirements


Number of Projects






Aerial Uploads

Processing Priority